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Sue Ritchie is a successful health mentor whose programmes have helped many clients transform their health from poor to amazing.  Sue is passionate about helping women who are struggling with weight and health issues, particularly those that have auto-immune diseases such as Chronic Fatigue, ME, Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s, Vitiligo etc.  She believes in a totally holistic and natural approach to health and weight issues taking into account mind, body and spirit because she considers to be totally healthy, all of these things have to be balanced and in alliance.

As a result of her own health and weight issues and her decision not to accept the prognosis from her doctor that she could never recover from Hashimoto’s disease, an auto–immune disorder that makes the thyroid gland underactive, Sue spent several years researching her health condition  to discover the root cause of her Hashimoto’s and the weight issues.   The result of this research and consequent lifestyle change is that Sue has recovered from the Hashimoto’s disease and is 2.5 stone/35lbs lighter.

Spurred on by her own personal “mess to success” journey Sue has created simple, practical health and weight  transformation programmes that deliver results time and time again.

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Sue is totally committed to helping you achieve the health and weight transformation that you are seeking through her programmes together with superior mentoring and support. Sue helps you to break through any barriers that are preventing you from achieving your true potential.  Your success is her success.

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  • Acclaimed Professional Speaker at Health and Wellbeing and other events
  • Sue has shared her knowledge of health on several UK radio stations
  • Co-author of “Quench- How to optimise your Vitality with Water™
  • Acknowledged marketing expert
  • Lifetime interest in alternative health and nutrition
  • Successful serial entrepreneur and business owner