Testimonials for Love Your Gut

Caroline Beasley“The hardest decision in deciding to take control of your health, is to just DO IT!

Getting started is the biggest and most difficult decision to make, but when you are faced with the choice of “medication for life or your health won’t improve”, to being able to live a healthy life with no medication, I knew the choice was then simple. Sue’s book really helped me to make that decision. It’s step by step approach is easy to follow. It was a revelation to know that my gut health was preventing me from losing weight. I shifted those extra pounds and transformed my health, and my business’ are now thriving too.”

Caroline Beasley
Business owner
The Starflower Company Ltd

Mary Jane Boholst“Sue lays bare the mysteries of why gut health is such a big issue in today’s world and how the way most people are currently eating is having a negative impact on their overall health and wellbeing. Packed with handy tips, practical advice an innovative approach to weight loss, her Your Ecstatic Health Eating Plan blows away the myth that healthy eating has to be bland and boring.”

Mary Jane Boholst
Successful Networking Mentor

Jennifer Gilchrist“If you have been struggling with your weight for years and have wondered why you just haven’t been able to be successful, well this book explains why. Not only is the explanation, simple and easy to understand, but Sue also shows you in a very practical, step by step way how you can address the root cause of your weight issue and transform your health from poor to amazing, ditching those extra pounds in a sustainable way. So you can say good-bye to yo-yo dieting forever and hello to a vibrantly healthy and slimmer you!”

Jennifer Gilchrist
Business and Personal Leadership Mentor

Linda Curtis“Thank you Sue for all the research, your continued learning to create your programme providing a lasting solution for people like me which can only transmute into longer, healthier and more energetic living. This is an amazing book and has helped me enormously to transform my health and shift those extra pounds, when I thought it would never be possible.”

Linda Curtis
Business Owner
True Decisions Rock